An error occurred updating the password database

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This fix doesn't need to be installed because the dll's are older then on our ADFS server ( The endpoint for update passwords in adfs is enabled (ohterwise i didn't get the updatepassword screen).

The accounts we tested with had passwords that were not 21 days old yet.

The password list is in descending chronological order, with the most recent password appearing first in the list.If have installed and configured ADFS 3.0 (Windows 2012 R2). Password Change Exception: Exception of type 'Microsoft. On internet didn't find much nor adfs eventid 407 or 53. I solved the problem myself (with help from Microsoft).Authenticating my webapplication with ADFS is working correctly however when i want to update/change my password i get this error on the ADFS login page: "The new password is not set. The errormessage i go "passwordvalidationerror" is very misleading, i thought it pointed to communication error between AD and ADFS. It seems that the ADFS service account want to change the password which i wanted te change so i made the ADFS service account domain admin but that does not solves the problem and i get the same errors. In the eventviewer of the DC there are informational events which says dat an passwordchange has attempted, which is logged as wel as a password is changed not via ADFS.

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