Self updating vcard

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When you want to create a VCard (CV website), you have to put your information into a static HTML file (if you don't want a server based one).

Then, if you want to change the design, sometimes changing CSS is not enough; you have to change HTML too.

Hi, I've been having some difficulty trying to set the user email field in the user's v Card. Any help pointing me towards the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

var newv Card Temp = myv Card Temp let email1 = DDXMLElement(name: "EMAIL") email1Child(DDXMLElement(name: "USERID", string Value: email Value)) newv Card Child(email1) xmppv Card Temp Module!

.update Myv Card Temp(newv Card Temp) But I'm sure that is not the correct way, as later while retrieving the user email address, it fails. What is the correct way to retrieve email address of the user?

i will much appreciate any help Here is my code together with the stream connect and authentication, I included thses part bacause there may also be something wrong with them, as I am a noob in working with xmpp framework, the i OS client tha I use is: the .h class code is: #import "XMPPStream.h" #import "XMPP.h" #import "XMPPReconnect.h" #import "XMPPPresence.h" #import "XMPPRoster.h" #import "Forgot Password View Controller.h" #import "XMPPReconnect.h" #import "XMPPRoster Core Data Storage.h" #import "Conracts View Controller.h" #import "Keychain Item Wrapper.h" #import "Sign Up View Controller.h" #import "XMPPv Card Temp.h" #import "XMPPv Card Temp Module.h" #import "XMPPv Card Core Data Storage.h" @interface Sign In View Controller : UIView Controller @property (strong, nonatomic) XMPPRoster Core Data Storage *xmpp Roster Storage; @property (strong, nonatomic) XMPPRoster *xmpp Roster; @property (strong, nonatomic) XMPPReconnect *reconnect; @property (strong, nonatomic) XMPPStream *xmpp Stream; @end @implementation Sign In View Controller @synthesize xmpp Roster Storage, xmpp Roster, reconnect, xmpp Stream; - (void)view Did Load - (void)sign In Button Function - (void)xmpp Stream Did Connect:(XMPPStream *)sender - (void)xmpp Stream Will Connect:(XMPPStream *)sender - (void)xmpp Stream Did Authenticate:(XMPPStream *)sender UPDATE 1 - UPLOAD VCARD SUCCEEDED: I have managed to update/ create a v Card by using the next code but I have a problem when I try to send an NSArray, using the method set Labels, the array is not send to the server or the serve doesn't save it when it receives it.

Click on the “Mail” drop-down menu near the top-left of the Gmail window and choose "Contacts".Outlook offers to save your contact information in v Card format.As the title suggests, I am trying to create a vcard for my user and send it to the server, but it seems that it doesn't work, any ideas?Customizing your email account and learning more of its features can save you enormous time on the job.If you know only as much as you need about Microsoft Outlook to get by, pick up 14 new tricks here.

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