Who is method man dating

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The hip-hop superstar has previously been shown to be private about his personal life.

On July 26, he tweeted at “God-Made Millionaire” Farrah Gray and asked him to remove a photo the “Celebrity Entrepreneur” had posted of Meth, real Clifford Smith, 45, and his wife, Tamika Smith, 41.

KARRINE STEFFANS SAYS SHE'LL NEVER LEAVE LIL WAYNE With the upcoming release of her seventh book, Vindicated, Steffans is pulling out all the stops to keep people interested enough to buy. We're all grown up now and even though I apologized to him years ago, and he apologized for sending my own henchmen after me (long story), I never told anyone why I did it. It wasn't embitterment because even after Confessions, we still remained friends.

According to an Instagram post, the New York Times Bestselling author claims she apologized to Method Man years ago, but never told the full story of why she outed him. 'I don't want to, I really don't,' I said, feeling like I didn't have a choice.

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"I still got a dark cloud over me," Method Man announces.

"Shit is fucked up, man." The Wu-Tang MC has had a rough year.

As Wu-Tang Clan ascended to hip hop stardom, Method Man was always one of the most visible members of the collective.

I’ve lost faith in human decency and I will not feed the trolls any longer.

F**k u all.” The picture was later removed by Farrah Gray.

She beat it into remission -- but now Meth is feuding with Wendy Williams after the New York radio personality made light of his wife's illness on the air.

The rapper showed up at the station earlier this month to counter -- only to discover that Williams would not have him on her show. While his last effort, 2004's Tical 0: The Prequel, was by no stretch a big seller, Meth attributes that shortcoming to P. "I wasn't with Puff, I just got put with Puff for a second -- which was a mistake, 'cause Puff do what he do," he says.

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