Updating your wardrobe american girl dating a frenchman

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Accessorize in a different way – If you always wear long necklaces then why not try a shorter one. We are all guilty of going to the same old places and shopping for clothes.Of if you never belt try a belt (in different widths to see what you like best). Not that this is necessarily bad, but we are unlikely to see anything much different. Spend a little time cleaning out and organising your wardrobe.

Add to your boring black a colour or two which not only will make you more memorable, but will also update your wardrobe.Instead, I like to take out my allowance in cash and leave the dangerous plastic at home.(See also: How to Live a Cash-Only Life) The displays in the front and center of the store can be enticing (and expensive), so I avoid them.Check out these 50 money-saving tips before heading to the store.(See also: Update Your Spring Wardrobe Frugally) Take stock of what you already have hiding out in your closets.

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